SmartWire-DT Films and Videos


Lean Solution in practice

 Lean Solution in practice
The Lean Solution powered by SmartWire-DT impresses plant builders and owners in the Bavarian potato sorting center due to the cost savings, short installation times and data transparecy with simpler diagnostics. The operator is delighted with the high availability of the plant.
Time: 00:04:50

Lean Solution benefits at a glance

The video shows the central elements of a Lean Solution with Lean Connectivity, Lean Automation and Lean Power, and how these benefits are implemented in a machine.
Time: 00:03:30

SmartWire-DT in application

 SmartWire-DT in application
The benefits of the simple SmartWire-DT connection technology for switchgear and automation components are soon made obvious in a practical application. SmartWire-DT reduces the effort required for wiring, testing and commissioning by up to 85 %.
Time: 00:05:20