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Eaton Lean Solution Partners - A Common Contact Point for Your Projects!


Eaton is a global company with an extended network of local partners. This puts us in a position to provide you with extraordinary technical expertise and a wide range of products and services.
From selecting products, to receiving the support you need, to getting a turnkey solution for your applications – take advantage of our one-stop capabilities!

Are you a machine builder, system builder, plant builder, panel builder, or direct user? We offer unparalleled support for the following applications:

Technical Support

T: +31 (0)418 570260 (NL)
T: +32 (0)27198800 (BE)
T: +352 481 081-1 (LU)

Visit our Lean Solution Partners' websites to get more information on references and to contact them directly.

Find the right Lean Solution Partner close to you:


Naaijkens Innovative Design

ElectroMind B.V.

Elektro & Automation Partner

Van Bussel AV Produkties

JA Elektro

AST Software

Pica Perfect Industrial Controls and Automation

Brainpact Industriële automatisering

HG Industrial BV

Van Egmond Industriële
Automatisering B.V.

Dijkstra Elektrotechniek