Material Handling

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Meet the challenges of rising cost and
efficiency pressures in material handling

Material handling systems in factories and distribution centers are critical to your customers' operations. These machines are increasingly complex and frequently changing. Highly intelligent packaging and motorized shipment systems are needed to perform the vast array of tasks during production. New configurations and increasingly sophisticated motor controls must continuously evolve to ensure conveyor systems are both state of the art and cost effective.

Your designs must be efficient with faster implementation and commissioning times. You need compact equipment with low installation times and costs as well as modular conveyors with intelligent components that allow quick and efficient distribution of control.

Simplify and streamline your operation

Eaton's Lean Solution addresses rising costs and efficiency pressures. Our advanced technologies and retrofitting systems speed time-to-market and reduce the footprint and operating costs of your machines.

With our exclusive SmartWire-DT technology you can cut wiring effort and expense, reduce testing and commissioning by 85% and lower engineering costs by up to 70%. Data transparency from the controller to the actuator/sensor provides real-time monitoring and precision control. All to help optimize energy consumption, perform preventive maintenance and maximize machinery utilization. And our global team of application engineers can support you throughout the project.

Eaton helps you do more with less. By reducing physical waste and simplifying projects you will realize significant savings. See how Eaton can help your business with our Lean Solution calculator.

Partner with Eaton.
Solve your power management challenges.

When a high-end German auto manufacturer chose to expand their production facilities in China, they turned to Eaton to help them power a new conveyor system. Discover how Eaton's advanced technology cut installation time and costs while providing greater diagnostics for increased plant productivity.




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